On Friday, July 25th join your local Neighborhood Council for a retreat at the Del Rey Farmers Market at 6:30pm. 

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Have you ever wondered what number to call if you would like to report something or have a question for the police, but its not an emergency?

Check out the form below for a list of 5 Points of Contact for the LAPD.
























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With the election of a new board, comes the creation of new committees and the addition of new committee chairs. We are pleased to announce following committees and committee chairs. 

Community Planning, Traffic & Transporation (Land Use) 

Co-Chairs: Jonathon Neumann & Elizabeth Zamora

Outreach/Publicity Committee

Co-Chairs: Marlene Savage & MeiWah Wong

Community Services Committee

Co-Chairs: Enrique Fernandez & Lorena Alvarado

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The Community Planning, Traffic and Transportation Committee meeting to be held at 7:00pm at Del Rey Square on Thursday, July 17th. Please join us for a Signage Presentation by Sandrine Cassidy Schmitt and a Wireless Facilities Presentation by Synergy.

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